3 Important Factors to Consider for a Successful Breast Augmentation Surgery

One of the most coveted cosmetic procedures is breast augmentation. It’s sought after by women in several age groups for many reasons, like:

  • Breast asymmetry
  • Unsatisfactory size/shape of breasts
  • Loss of volume of the breasts or other changes due to pregnancy, breastfeeding, aging or weight loss
  • To feel more feminine and sexier
  • As a part of mummy makeover
  • No matter for whatever reason, you are planning to undergo a breast augmentation, it’s always advisable to do research.

Here are a few things you should remember for a successful breast augmentation surgery.

1. Don’t Do it to Please Someone Else

There are quite a few reasons of not feeling satisfactory about breast augmentation results and one of them is to do it to please or impress someone else.

Remember to make the decision to undergo something like an expert breast augmentation Coffs Harbour from PCLS Coffs Harbour, only if you want it.

Next, check your reasons to get breast augmentation and talk about them in detail with your cosmetic surgeon.

2. Don’t Think Bigger is Better

The size of breast implants you should get is one of the first things you should know about. Here you should know a few things about your desirable size.

Implants Are Not Measured in Cup Size

If you’re under the impression that you can tell your surgeon that you want the “C” cup size, and s/he will achieve it for you, you’re wrong.

Implants are measured first in CCs or cubic centimetres. The number of CCs doesn’t always translate into a particular cup size.

Moreover, bra sizing is not the same with various brands; so, telling your desired cup size cannot be a reliable way to decide your desired implant size.

Give More Importance to Proportion than Size

Before deciding how big you want to choose, decide how you want your overall body to look. Envision the entire picture, instead of just insisting on a bigger size.

Choosing too big implants can lead to breast implant rippling or other bad outcomes.

Think of Your Body Type

You can take help of your anatomy to decide your ideal breast implant size.

This includes your height, chest shape, shoulder width, weight and other physical features because these will affect the way the implants will look on your body.

Therefore, an implant size perfect for someone else may not look good on you.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle is also an important factor to consider while deciding an ideal implant size. You should consider your overall habits, job, activities you undertake and even your preferred fashions.

For example, if you regularly do a lot of exercise, very big implants may not be a right choice for you.

3. Discuss with Your Cosmetic Surgeon about Breast Lift

Although a breast augmentation surgery adds fullness to your breasts, it cannot rectify sagging breasts.

If you want to rectify your sagging breasts, you should discuss with your surgeon about combining the breast augmentation surgery with a breast lift, such as effective breast lift treatment in Coffs Harbour by PCLS Coffs Harbour.

So, have you started planning to get a breast augmentation surgery done?

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