Everything About Oral and Dental Surgery You Should Know

The oral and dental surgery includes a series of surgical processes and procedures that are performed in the jaws and mouth while removing the teeth particularly the wisdom teeth. The oral surgery can have done by a dental surgeon or oral surgery specialist or by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon or by a general dentist. The extraction of wisdom is one of the common surgery covered under the private health insurance policy. A general dentist or an oral surgeon can extract the wisdom teeth in the surgery clinic under local anaesthetic or under a general anaesthetic as an in-patient in the hospital. Get in touch with the best oral surgeon in Centre Dentaire Oracare for extracting the wisdom teeth of your child.

The contemporary common ways for dental or oral surgery are either by general dentists or oral surgery specialists in their private clinic as a service for out-patient or by a general dentist or dental surgeon specialist in a hospital as an in-patient under general anaesthetic. This process should be followed strictly in order to claim the health fund benefits because claiming them solely depends upon the service provider or the surgeon. The health fund benefits are based on the type of cover you have. You can claim the benefits if you have appropriate hospital cover and general treatment cover including cover for wisdom tooth extraction provided you have completed the waiting period which is normally 12 months.

In the case of extraction of wisdom teeth, a general dentist or a dental surgery specialist can perform the extraction of wisdom teeth in his private clinic as an out-patient service. Your health fund can pay the dental benefits under the general treatment cover. You must get a written quote from your general dentist or oral surgery specialist before the surgery which should include their service charges or fee. 

The quote should systematically include the dental item numbers and dental item numbers for the surgical procedures which is normally three-digit numbers respectively number for the cost of the procedure, the provider number of the dentist and the name. Once you have the quote you can contact your health fund to check with the benefits. If the quote has a different amount which are not included in the benefit of health fund should be counted your own expenses and paid by you.

The tooth extraction is considered as major dental treatment and you should claim the expenses through appropriate procedures. In some cases, tooth extraction is also counted as general dental treatment and you can claim the benefits from dental general benefits.

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