What Is Neurofeedback And Why Is It Important?

We cannot live in a bubble. We need to interact with the world and things that are in it. We have to live according to established systems even if they may not always be optimal for us. For example, we build relationships with our friends, family, and coworkers at different levels. We need to go to school, to work, to church, and to other places where livelihood and tradition might dictate. These obligations, relationships, and other stimuli may cause us stress, especially if these are not to our liking. Some suffer from anxiety and depression. It is impossible to control the world but we can train to control our responses. Neurofeedback helps us to do this.

Mastery Over Self

Our thoughts originate from our brains. We can control what’s in our heads but few have developed this skill to the fullest. They are at the mercy of what’s happening around them so they feel helpless and miserable. They keep negative thoughts going around and around in their brains that these affect the way they live their lives. If they could somehow master their thoughts, then they would be able to change their brainwaves into healthier patterns. They could feel better and break free from neurological conditions that have been causing them much misery. This require a lot of training over weeks or months. Neurofeedback provides a systematic approach to changing brainwaves and behaviors without medications.

Possible Applications

Neurofeedback is said to be helpful for a wide variety of issues. For example, it may be able to help if you are suffering from concussions, stroke, ADHD, PTSD, anxiety, or sleep problems. More applications may come to light as the techniques are applied to other kinds of neurological conditions. These studies need to have larger sample sizes and longer timeframes to get conclusion results. We are just in the early stages of development for this treatment. Many are still asking what is neurofeedback so there is a lot of work to be done to promote awareness.

Neurofeedback Methodology

This is a form of biofeedback that is similar to heart rate variability, thermal scanning, and muscular activity measurement. With neurofeedback, you would need to use EEG machines instead. Sensors are placed all over the head to measure electric activities. These are collected and presented as brain waves. It is well-known how a normal person’s brainwaves should look like so doctors have a good base from which to compare their patients’ results. It will be clear right away which areas of the brain are being overactive and what this is doing to the individual.

The doctor will try to train the brain to shift into a normal pattern. Clinics often use movies, music, and video games as signals to the patient. If their brainwaves are going in the right direction, then they will be rewarded with their favorite film. If things are going wrong, then the film will stop. Over time, patients will figure out what they can do with their thoughts to increase the rewards. It may take a lot of conscious effort at first but it will gradually become easier. They will soon be able to make corrections without outside help.

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